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Exploring the Future of Food: The ‘Food as Medicine’ Panel at the 2023 HackSummit

During the 2023 HackSummit, the ‘Food as Medicine’ panel, moderated by Gil Horsky, Co-Founder of FLORA Ventures, featured renowned food tech experts: Anand Parikh, Dr. Nora Khaldi, Richard Day, and Adam Melonas.

The panel discussed the need for culinary innovation through technology, to create delicious and visually appealing food options that promote healthy eating habits. The panel also shed light on the transformative power of food, paving the way for a future where food and medicine intersect to improve human health.

Watch the Full 'Food as Medicine' Panel

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@gil_horsky Gil Horsky, Co-Founder of FLORA Ventures, at the 'Food as Medicine' panel during the 2023 HackSummit. #foodtech #tech #venturecapital #hacksummit #2023 ♬ Inspiration - WavebeatsMusic

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