Gil Horsky on the ‘Innovation Minds’ Podcast – How do Food Corporates Develop Innovation?

Gil Horsky, a former executive in the global food industry and currently Founding Partner of FLORA Ventures, was recently hosted on the ‘Innovation Minds’ podcast. Gil Horsky shared his insights on how global food conglomerates approach innovation and highlighted the complexity of balancing between developing innovation internally versus through acquisition or investments. Horsky notes that […]

Haifa Group Joins Forces with FLORA Ventures to Drive AgriFood Innovation

Haifa Group, a global leader in plant nutrition and special fertilizers, has partnered with FLORA Ventures, a prominent agri-food venture capital fund. This collaboration aims to accelerate innovation within the agri-food sector. FLORA Ventures, co-led by Gil Horsky, boasts an impressive $80 million VC fund, with $50 million already committed. It is the largest Israeli-based […]

Gil Horsky Explores Israeli Food-Tech Ecosystem at Consiglieri International Food-Tech Summit

Gil Horsky - Consiglieri

Food-tech expert Gil Horsky, Co-Founder of Flora Ventures, recently participated in the virtual Consiglieri International Food-Tech Summit and shared his insights into the thriving Israeli food-tech ecosystem. Horsky delved into the Israeli food-tech landscape, highlighting the key factors that have propelled the nation to the forefront of innovation. Horsky also talked about the importance of […]