Gil Horsky CTECH

CTEC: FLORA Ventures Secures $50 Million to Foster Sustainable Agrifood Tech Investments

As reported by CTECH, Gil Horsky, and Esther Barak-Landes have recently launched FLORA Ventures, a new agrifood fund to raise $80 million in total capital. They have already secured commitments amounting to $50 million.

The focus of FLORA Ventures lies in supporting early-stage startups from both Israel and Europe. They have completed their initial funding round to achieve this goal with Harel Group, Haifa Group, and Sadot Kibbutzim. Partnering with strategic investors such as Sadot Kibbutzim and Haifa Group sets FLORA Ventures apart from other investors in the industry.

In addition to financial backing, the fund’s portfolio companies gain unique advantages, including proprietary access to agricultural land, production capabilities, and expert guidance from Sadot Kibbutzim and Haifa Group, which will be invaluable during the critical phase of initial proof of concept for the startups.

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