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Gil Horsky: “A small brand can succeed as much as a big brand in the online space” | CTech

Gil Horsky, an expert in Agrifood-tech and Foodtech innovation, recently discussed the future of the snacks market and the food industry in an interview on CTech’s 20-Minute Leaders podcast. Horsky shed light on the significant changes that have taken place in the industry over the past few years. Previously, people typically consumed three meals a day, but today’s fast-paced lifestyle has led to the rise of consuming up to seven ‘mini-meals.’ This shift is driven by the need for quick and convenient snacks, as people are constantly on the go and have less time for elaborate cooking and meal preparation.

Gil Horsky also highlighted the notable developments in the food industry compared to the past. “If you look until ten years ago, there was only one route to market. You could sell at stores. Suddenly, the retail environment started changing. When you’re a small brand, you can succeed as much as the big brand in the online space”, Said Horsky.

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