Gil Horsky - Supermarket Perimeter

Gil Horsky in an Interview with ‘Supermarket Perimeter’ About the Future of Snacking

In an interview for ‘Supermarket Perimeter’ Gil Horsky, said that he believes functional ingredients, sustainability, and digitization will shape the future of snacking. According to Horsky, the lines between functional foods and snacks are blurring, with ingredients like functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and nootropics making their way into snack products. Horsky highlighted the exciting flavors and health benefits that these ingredients offer.

Gil Horsky also emphasizes the need for digitization in the agriculture and food industry, which based on a study by McKinsey is considered one of the least-digitized sectors. He believes that embracing big data and artificial intelligence (AI) can bring significant advancements to the industry, from supply chain management to consumer insights. Horsky noted the increasing number of companies and startups working towards digitization in this space.

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