Israeli Food-Tech, Gil Horsky

Gil Horsky Talks About Navigating Turbulence: Israeli Food-Tech Sector Amidst Conflict

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, Israeli food-tech leaders are grappling with the challenging task of sustaining their industry amid rapidly changing conditions. Gil Horsky, the founding managing partner of FLORA Ventures, an $80-million VC fund based in Tel Aviv, sheds light on their unique struggles. Horsky emphasizes the global nature of the issue, stating, “We need to fight terror. It’s not only an Israeli problem; it’s a global problem.”

However, finding resolutions proves to be far from straightforward. Gil Horsky reflects on the profound historical context, pointing out that October 7 marks the day when the most Jewish people were murdered in one day since the Holocaust. As he contemplates the path forward, he underscores the gravity of the situation, acknowledging that, ideally, the conflicting parties should learn to coexist. Yet, in the current climate of intense hostility and animosity, he recognizes the enormity of the challenge, stating, “The amount of distrust is so big. It’s going to be years.” In the face of such complexities, these leaders persist in maintaining stability and resilience in Israel’s food system.

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