Gil Horsky on the ‘Innovation Minds’ Podcast – How do Food Corporates Develop Innovation?

Gil Horsky, a former executive in the global food industry and currently Founding Partner of FLORA Ventures, was recently hosted on the ‘Innovation Minds’ podcast. Gil Horsky shared his insights on how global food conglomerates approach innovation and highlighted the complexity of balancing between developing innovation internally versus through acquisition or investments. Horsky notes that […]

Gil Horsky Talks About Navigating Turbulence: Israeli Food-Tech Sector Amidst Conflict

Israeli Food-Tech, Gil Horsky

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, Israeli food-tech leaders are grappling with the challenging task of sustaining their industry amid rapidly changing conditions. Gil Horsky, the founding managing partner of FLORA Ventures, an $80-million VC fund based in Tel Aviv, sheds light on their unique struggles. Horsky emphasizes the global nature of the issue, stating, “We need […]

Podcast: Fortitude in Israel’s Agri-Food Community

Gil Horsky, Founding Partner at FLORA Ventures, shares an insightful overview about the Israeli agri-food tech landscape and also discusses the impact of the current war with Hamas on the local ecosystem. Watch the Full Podcast

FLORA Ventures Emerges as Leading AgriFood VC with $80M Fund

As published by ‘Green Queen’ FLORA Ventures has made headlines with the launch of an impressive $80 million fund, securing $50 million in commitments during its first closing. This achievement positions FLORA Ventures as the largest agri-food venture capital firm in Israel and as one of the most prominent new VC fund in 2023 across […]

Haifa Group Joins Forces with FLORA Ventures to Drive AgriFood Innovation

Haifa Group, a global leader in plant nutrition and special fertilizers, has partnered with FLORA Ventures, a prominent agri-food venture capital fund. This collaboration aims to accelerate innovation within the agri-food sector. FLORA Ventures, co-led by Gil Horsky, boasts an impressive $80 million VC fund, with $50 million already committed. It is the largest Israeli-based […]

Gil Horsky Interviewed on Forbes About the Launch of FLORA Ventures

Gil Horsky

Co-founded by former executives from Mondelēz and Nielsen, Gil Horsky, and Esther Barak-Landes, FLORA Ventures, is a VC fund that aims to invest in innovative technological solutions that address global food production and consumption challenges. With $50 million already committed and strategic partnerships in place, including support from top tier financial and strategic players like […]

Gil Horsky Interviewed on FoodHack about the Co-Founding of FLORA Ventures

Gil Horsky - FoodHack

Gil Horsky, with extensive corporate and venturing experience from leading Food multinational companies like PepsiCo, Kraft, and Mondelēz International, has co-founded FLORA Ventures, a new AgriFood-Tech venture capital firm. Having witnessed the successes and failures of AgriFood startups throughout his career, Gil Horsky believes that having a commercial mindset and problem-solving oriented are essential for […]